How The LYMA Laser Reverses This Process

The LYMA Laser works on both levels of the skin aging process. Intrinsically, the Laser is able to reach deep down into the base layer of the dermis, where the light energy triggers a genetic switch inside the skin cells telling them not to die off, but to recharge, regenerate and repair. The destruction of healthy skin cells is reversed.

Extrinsically, the light energy of The LYMA Laser also instructs the existing cells to produce more proteins to fight free radicals. Less free radicals means more collagen and elastin.

What Actually Happens

Most lasers work by controlled thermal injury. They inflict thermal damage to tissue to stimulate collagen production, leaving skin feeling sensitive and needing downtime.  The LYMA Laser works completely differently. It uses low level laser therapy, or near infrared laser light, a technology borrowed from the medical industry where it is used to treat issues from rebuilding cartilage to healing tendons. This light is extremely powerful, able to penetrate deep beneath the skin completely safely and effectively. Operating at 500mW power at the 808nm wavelength, the laser can reach not only the deepest layers of the skin, but also the fat and muscle tissue underneath.

The Facts

The world's strongest laser light therapy. Proven to work

The only device able to reach the base layer of your skin

Pain-free and safe around the eyes. No goggles required

Gentle, non-abrasive treatment, with no downtime

Regenerates skin cells rather than distressing them

Suitable for use on all skin tones