Brow Botox

$15.00 add to any brow treatment or by its self 

15 min 

Happiness for eyebrows is an eyebrow restoration procedure which has a unique formula: it restores, nourishes, moisturizes, stimulates hair growth, adds shine, improves color fastness and restores after chemical damage.


Keratin - restores the structure of the hair.
Biotin is a Vitamin E - improves the condition of the skin and hair.
Silk - it gives softness to hair
Amla - it stimulates hair growth, antioxidant
Camellia - it adds shine
Jojoba - helps to strengthen hair and improve skin elasticity
Ceramide - it restores color
Collagen - moisturizes, heals.
Hyaluronic acid - improves the structure of the skin.
Goji - relieves skin irritation, tones the skin.

The result is visible after the first application of happiness for the eyebrows, instant effect. Gives the hairs a special elasticity, restores the natural state, strength, obedience. Growth and density are dramatically accelerated. Ideal for weak, dry, colored, as well as damaged by chemical procedures, hairs; weakened, dormant bulbs; overdried, problematic skin of the eyebrows.