Rhonda Allison Peels

Apple Wine with Anti-Aging

 Price: $100

Using enzymes, lactic acids, tartaric and malic for firming and toning as well as our natural lift mask will give your skin a beautiful healthy glow and firmer toner younger skin.

Kojic Clay/10% TCA Peel

Rhonda Allison Kojic Clay 10% TCA is a skin-peeling agent that helps lift, firm and exfoliate skin, resulting in a revitalized and more youthful-looking complexion.

The product is made of kojic acid, bentonite clay and a deep sea composition that increases cell turnover and remineralizes the skin.

Natural Lift Peel

The Natural Lift Masque and Activator is a setting/tightening mask that provides intense stimulation for facial muscles, improving appearance of sagging skin tissue and scarring.
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